About Ride Bristol

Our Mission

Ride Bristol’s mission is to support and grow the incredible off-road cycling scene in Bristol, building, maintaining and fundraising for an extensive and varied local trail network for all.

We’re working to grow a vibrant, respectful and diverse community of trail users. We’ll help these users to be involved in the scene and give them opportunities to help it grow. We want to celebrate Bristol’s scene and provide information and resources to encourage people to enjoy the trails we love.

We are a registered charity and volunteer community, supported by a generous network of organisations and individuals.

Our values

Our values guide what we do and how we do it.

High quality trails

Great trails create great experiences which encourage more people to ride more often.


Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in off-road cycling and volunteering.

Think big

We should think big, take inspiration from all over the world and aspire to make Bristol’s trails the envy of the UK and the world.


Volunteering and being part of a community help people to appreciate the trails we’ve got and feel good about themselves.

Making Stuff Happen

We’re here to get stuff done. We’re not afraid of a meeting or two but we’re always pushing forward for that next dig day, meet-up, fundraiser or campaign. 

We're stronger together

The more people we work with and connect with, the more we can achieve. Especially where we work with a broad and diverse range of people.

Meet the trustees

Sustainable trails, partnerships with landowners, riding groups driving this change, I see this around the UK and think, Ride Bristol can help make it happen here.

Chris Leeks

Trustee / Dig Director

I am passionate about getting more people riding, I have had so much pleasure and so many great memories from riding that I’d like to pass this on. I’d like to work on and see improved access to an extensive and sustainable trail network that has something for everyone. Newbies to seasoned shredders.

Ollie Cain

Trustee / Community Engagement

Working to develop a great network of connected off-road trails, accessible from all over the city, creating a broad range of long-term, sanctioned new trails in the Bristol area, for riders of different levels, styles…
I wish I’d discovered mountain biking decades ago – it’s great escaping to the woods and has become my medicine, so I’m keen to introduce others to it!

Tim Knowles

Trustee / Trail Strategy

When I heard the trail advocacy group was thinking of converting into a charity i knew this was a way of turning my day job as an accountant into something that could give back to the trails.

Adam Coupland

Trustee / Treasurer

The calm connection with nature is a huge part of why I ride bikes and I care very much about the environment that provides the playground for our mountain biking community. As a Wild Trails trustee, I want to help maximise the opportunities for technical riding around Bristol in a way that is sustainable and ensures enjoyment and wellbeing for generations to come.

James Adamson

Trustee / Wild Trails

I love creating content, sharing stories about cycling and the fact that Bristol has allowed me to live a life geared around two wheels.

I really believe we have the potential to make our city a showcase for cycling in the UK, and maybe even the World. We’re not there yet but there’s bags of scope to grow and an amazing community to tap into.

I want to help RideBristol shout about the huge benefits that off-road cycling, trail building and the cycling community can offer… and then use that to push us forward to even bigger and better things.

You can reach me here.

Jamie Edwards

Trustee / Comms, PR & Social

Mountain biking provides me with a fantastic opportunity to escape from everyday stresses at home and work, and it is great for mental and physical health.

I’ve ridden bikes all over the world and having a wide range of trails on my doorstep in Bristol is part of the appeal of the city.

I want to use my skills and passion for biking to maintain and expand the current trail network and support more people to discover the benefits of riding.

Hywel Jones

Trustee / Wild Trails

Riding bikes in nature has boosted my wellbeing significantly. I’m excited to help bring similar experiences to a broader audience, to enjoy a growing network of trails which are fun and accessible to all, making the most of the fantastic outdoor spaces in and around where we live.

Henry Easterbrook

Trustee / Corporate Engagement

Coming Soon

Jeremy Wheatcroft