Lockdown love stories

During the Winter lockdown we asked for your stories to document how much the trails meant to you during this difficult time


“Before lockdown I was using the local trails that we’re so lucky to have late at night. That was the only window I had to ride, kids in bed and the Zoom calls finally stop. I’ve continued doing the same routine all through lockdown, at least 3 x a week.

Then lockdown hit and quite simply I don’t think I’d have pulled off the stress relief and focus I’ve maintained without riding the trails we have here in Bristol.

It’s varied, sessionable, can handle the weather and all the additional traffic since lockdown hit and has reasonable hills all in a location so close to the city.

Bristol trails you are amazing, I love you and your berms and I never ever take you for granted, more so now than ever.

Oh and I try and smile as much as I can at all the new people getting into the MTB way, I’m just stoked to see more people seeing what a fun and rewarding pastime MTBing is.

I’m the one wheezing up the Quarry trail climb with a fixed grin, happy shredding 🤙.”


Daisy, like most people has found a love of biking with the lockdown and luckily for her she actually has trails in the city! She rides the local trails regularly and loves them – lots of features to work on and develop skills. Daisy’s level of riding of a mtb wouldn’t be possible, if we didn’t have the local trails and features to teach and learn on. Daisy’s smile and the joy mtb brings her are amazing, especially in a world where so many other things are not possible right now.

Getting children out riding is so healthy both mentally and physically.

Daisy is only three years old!


“The Local trails have made a massive difference not just to me, but to my family as well. To have easy to access, fun trails that we can all get out on has made a rubbish situation slightly less rubbish. Part of what makes Bristol great!”


I’m usually pretty organised but I’ve lost a lot of stuff on the trails this year, so I thought I should make a list on the off chance anyone finds any of it:

– stress from work
– the worry I may never see my parents again
– a quick link from when my chain snapped
– health anxiety
– the stress of organising a wedding during a pandemic
– a homemade flapjack (might of eaten it)
– the grief of losing a family member
– the panic that comes with buying your first home
– 11kg of body fat

I found some great friends and a way to level my head out when things get too much for me.

I want to thank the trails for everything they have given me in the last year, but especially for what they have taken.”