Can you dig it…?

We’re excited and delighted to announce the return of Ride Bristol Dig Days for summer!

And, you guessed it, we need YOU to make them happen.

We’re going to be focussing our efforts on Fifty Acre this summer. We’ll be working hard to patch those potholes, dig that drainage and generally give our favourite rooty and rocky trail and tidy-up. 

The goal is to have Fify fixed-up by the end of the summer and – thanks to Bristol Bears, Tarmac and Plantforce – we now have a whole load of stone ready and waiting to go. We’ll be starting work at the car park on Weir Lane and moving back down the trail towards the entrance.

And never fear tech fans. There are no plans to sanitise or degrade the trail’s rooty, rocky technical character. The aim is simply to reduce water-logging and keep trail width to a sound slim single track.

What to expect
Barrowing stone 
Redefining the line
Cutting drainage slots
Filling holes

No experience is necessary, but this is physical work and can be quite tiring, so bring plenty of refreshments.

The session will be led by Ride Bristol’s dig leaders who will show you exactly what to do.

And, the dates are:

  • Saturday July 8th
  • Sunday July 9th
  • Saturday August 12th

Each day will be split into two sessions, morning and afternoon, and we’re asking people to sign up for these on Eventbrite. Come along to as much or as little as you can attend. 

And the link you need to sign up…? Right here on Eventbrite