We’re looking for some new Volunteers to join RideBristol and help us grow in 2024.

Fancy joining RideBristol and playing a part in the future of Bristol’s off-road cycling community? Read on to find out all about it!


2023 was a great year for Ride Bristol. 

We grew our volunteer community, we introduced monthly dig days, established the popular WomenRideBristol group rides and worked with Stif Mountain Bikes to renovate a huge chunk of Ashton Court’s mountain bike trail.

With so much success, we’re looking to the future to see how we can keep the good times rolling.

We know that people, our volunteer community, are what makes Ride Bristol successful and it’s time to add some fresh talent to our team.

We’re inviting organisations and individuals to join our volunteer community in the following areas:

Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

Without Ride Bristol’s funds, Bristol’s off-road cycling trails will cease to exist. No more Leigh Woods, Ashton Court or Fifty Acre. It’s 100% down to us to bring in the funding that’s required to maintain the trails that we all love.

We’re looking for someone to work alongside our Corporate Development Trustee to develop and deliver a funding strategy to continue this important work. 

Experience in any of the following is of interest:

  • Fundraising strategy. 
  • Creating a consistent and compelling case for support.
  • Engaging with local, national and international businesses to help find sponsorship and fundraising opportunities.
  • Submitting funding applications.

Community and Events Volunteer Coordinator

RideBristol’s community is its lifeblood. 

And the question we need to address is “how do we create the best possible experience for this community – reach more people and  offer those already following us a reason to love what we do?”

We are looking for someone to help devise a realistic strategy and work with our volunteers to make it happen. Experience in any of the following areas:

  • Community building.
  • Creating and planning events. 
  • Community engagement, public speaking and in-person networking.
  • Building a digital membership organisation.
  • Community outreach to engage with individuals and organisations to spread the word about, and gather support for, Ride Bristol.
  • Communications and social media.

Governance – Volunteer Company Secretary

We need someone, almost certainly in a trustee role, to take ownership of the overarching, behind the scenes processes at Ride Bristol.

As a trustee you will also have an equal voice in Ride Bristol’s decision-making, and be welcome (but not expected) to play a broader role in everything from trail building to advocacy and community engagement.

If you have experience that is broadly relevant to the role, please get in touch.

Volunteer Health and Safety Coordinator

Dig days, group rides, events, fundraising and more. With so much activity planned for 2024, we need to make sure we’re doing everything by the book. We need someone to join us to ensure we’re doing everything that we should from a health and safety perspective – to cover all of our volunteer activities. 

You’ll need to help us update our current health and safety strategy, the help us to implement the plan.

If you have experience that is relevant to the role, please get in touch.

Social Media Volunteer

Tik Tok wiz? Good with the gram? We need someone that can support our Marketing and Communications volunteer to keep our social feeds firing. 

We’re looking for experience in any of the following areas:

  • Social media account management – FB, IG, Tiktok.
  • Basic graphic design – Canva etc.
  • Copywriting, basic photo and video editing. 
  • Photography / videography production.

Group Ride Volunteers

Ride Bristol currently has the hugely successful Women Ride Bristol group rides. We’d like to add to this by setting up regular, all-welcome group rides on Bristol’s trails. 

We’re looking for someone, or even more than one person, that can set up and coordinate regular group off-road rides. 

We’re looking for experience in any of the following areas:

  • Event organisation.
  • Mountain bike ride organisation.
  • Qualified to lead group rides.
  • Route planning.
  • Communications, promotion and social media.
  • First aid qualified.

Safe Guarding Policy Volunteer

We’re looking to include under 18s in Ride Bristol’s volunteer activities and we need a safeguarding policy to ensure everything is done correctly. We’re looking for someone with relevant experience to help us create that policy, delivered as a discreet project. 

Contact us

If you think you can help, please contact Chris Leeks chris.l@ridebristol.org to find out more.  

Options exist for trustees, non-trustee committee members, and contributing on a short-term project specific basis.