Oops – we spoke too soon

Written By Sam Burrough


We gratefully received sixty tonnes of stone from Tarmac's Durnford Quarry this week.

False starts

Just before Christmas, we managed to clear the leaf mulch off most of the trails and if you’ve been riding in Ashton Court recently you may have seen that some very large piles of stone arrived there in December. Sixty tons in total; kindly donated by Tarmac’s Durnford Quarry.

Back in those heady Tier 2 days, when we ordered the stone, Ride Bristol was busily planning an ambitious calendar of trail repairs. Then new variant Covid put us back in full lockdown. However, plans can be dusted off when things improve and the stone can sit there for now, waiting patiently to be transformed into sweet little trail features.

If you see anyone messing with stone piles, please ask them not to, as we will be stopped from storing stone on site if it gets turned into unofficial trail features!

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Get involved with Trash Free Trails

Get involved with Trash Free Trails

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